About us

We hand over to your hands products that are our pride and joy. It is that mixed feeling of pleasure and responsibility, that comes from balancing a product that should be both a visual treat and provide an empowering user experience. We want to meet your highest expectations and enrich your culinary experience.

Our motto is Cook with love (#cookwithlove) and it reflects the character of the Vintage Cuisine by CooKing brand. Cooking is not just an activity, it’s so much more than that. It is an experience full of emotions and it should be filled with love and intimacy. It is our true believe kitchens are sacred ground for the Family (however you define it) and they should be places filled with love, where true people spend time together, savoring the flavors, bonding, sharing memories and creating new ones, making dreams come true and showing affection for each other.

Vintage Cuisine by CooKing products are our vessel for sharing this positive message. We want to be part of your kitchen experience and we want to make it extraordinary.