Iron pot
- Vintage Cuisine


The cast iron pot from Vintage Cuisine by CooKing is a multi-purpose vessel.

It allows cooking, stewing, frying, baking.

The natural cast iron evenly distributes heat, which prevents food from burning.

The enamel coating is ecological and antiallergic.

The pot is suitable for any type of oven.

Here’s a special task pot!

WARNING! Hand wash after each use, dry with a cloth and grease.

  • Stainless steel handle
  • The tabs on the inside of the cover support the circulation of water vapor
  • Enamel coating is ecological and antiallergic
  • High temperatures resistant
  • The dish is ideal for frying and baking in the oven
  • Properly preserved – greased after each use will serve for many years
  • It is suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and INDUCTION stoves
  • Not suitable for a dishwasher washing

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