Meat grinder
- Vintage Cuisine


Time for new challenges in the kitchen!
With our electric mincer you can quickly and effortlessly mince the products you need as well as prepare homemade sausages. Three grinding plates with different hole diameters will help you quickly process various types of products and achieve the desired effect. Thanks to a compartment in the housing, our mincer and
accessories take up little space. Additionally, it has a unique design, is aesthetic and made of high quality materials it will serve you and be nice to look at for years. Everyone needs such a functional appliance at home.

  • Aluminium tray for meat
  • Button ON ⁄ OFF, Reverse
  • Extra accessories compartment
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Included: sausage horn, pusher, 2x steel blades, grinding plates (3/5/7 mm)

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