Retro Espresso Coffee Machine
- Vintage Cuisine


Do you wake-up each morning and start the day with a shot of a perfect espresso? Or maybe you prefer a creamy and slightly milder version of coffee in the form of a cappuccino, with freshly frothed milk? The Vintage Cuisine Espresso Coffee Machine, with a built-in milk frother, will be your partner for these and more superb coffee beverages from today!

Questioning where to put this magnificent coffee maker? The Vintage Cuisine Espresso Coffee Machine has a relatively small designed, although characterized by high parameters, including a high power (1350 W) and impressive pressure (15 bar) allowing the extraction of the perfect taste and aroma from your favorite coffee coffee, and most importantly – a built-in frother, without which we could only dream of a perfect latte. A practical double dispenser and a large water container (1.5 L) will help you serve coffee to your whole household and guests easily and quickly.

How to clean the machine? The device is easy to care for, as all the parts are easy to unmount.

The pressure coffee maker is available in 2 colors: cream and mint.


  • Pressure: 15 bar
  • Removable 1.5-liter water tank
  • Portafilter with a double coffee spout
  • Knob controlled steam spout with foaming nozzle
  • Pressure gauge and illuminated function switches
  • Removable tray and drip grid with a built-in water level indicator
  • Modern tankless water heater ensuring stable temperature
  • Equipped with an overheat protection mechanism
  • Included: 2 in 1 tamping scoop

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